Everyone knows the  Woody Woodpecker, and is a character loved by all the children and the theme of the party woodpecker should certainly be very entertaining, after all he is a character considered loony and funny. So the following will give some interesting tips on decorations, invitations and party favors also, as well as celebration cakes and decoration so that all kids can get pretty excited about the topic.

The party invitations birthday Woody Woodpecker:

The Woodpecker is a very lively character, your invitations should expect great fun and you may well ask for a graphic or you can make a photo of your child with the woodpecker. Invitation will be sent in fresh format, using a lollipop or a chocolate biscuit if the invitation is delivered in person can be edible.

How the Woodpecker likes trees, the invitation can be formed with this format or a pencil coloring, everything depends greatly from all their creativity.

The decorations for the woody woodpecker environments:

All decoration must rely on the colors of the woodpecker such as blue, red, yellow and white, beyond the green course. And somehow at children’s parties can miss the balloons, the kids will love. And as the woodpecker is a bird he also loves nature, and so much seek to be faithful to reproducing this environment abusing flowers and trees so that your entire assembly can be beautiful and special addition to harmonious.

The table decorations for the Woody Woodpecker Party:

The decoration of the table can still count on an interesting and creative cake with rice paper or with a woodpecker made ​​of fondant with sweets that look like the woodpecker and his band of high confusion. This should provide good fun for both you and your little friends.

The favors should also be creative, made ​​in biscuit as magnet or photo frame for the guests put the pictures from the party.

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