Kids┬áparties are a delight to be prepared. Although often demanding work right in their organizations, the result is usually very positive – the joy of children, the happiness reflected in the eyes of birthdays – are the compensation received by adults.

And hold a party girl seems that the reward is even greater, since the beauty of the decor more often enchant all who are involved in the celebration. The options for a celebration of the genre are immense. Some say that it’s difficult to choose the topic, as there are numerous possibilities. Among them, a good choice that can be adopted for girls up to 12 years is the subject of “Tinker Bell” – known more for certain age group as the darling fairy “Tinkerbell”.

Tinker Bell is a character in an animation produced by Disney Toon Studios and was released in 2008, both in theaters and in DVD and Blu-ray. The central plot of the story revolves around said character – Tinker Bell – fairy born in Pixie Hollow, from the first laugh of a baby. Tinker is hosted by fairies and older, to be introduced to her magical universe, discovers that his great gift was to be an “artisan” that produces several original objects, and fix those that are broken.

But Tinker is not very satisfied with her “gift.” The great desire of the little fairy is visiting the continent, and when it discovers that only the other fairies, possessing so many other gifts can go there, she tries at all costs to develop another talent, since it believes to be just an artisan, is something below their potential. And because of that, Tinker gets involved in some confusion, we will have to solve. With the help of all his friends and friends of their magical world, she will find her true path.

Given this context, it is easy to develop the theme of the party: as the famous story goes Fairy in an enchanted world, the whole scenario can be developed like passing on a great magic forest – fairies, elves, lots of trees and flowers, may compose the visual from the entrance of the ballroom to the composition of the table, which always tends to be the major attraction of the festival.

The girl can even dress up Tinker Bell – getting so charming as the character. Invitations and souvenirs will also be thematic.

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