Created in 1989 by Matt Groening, who had to present some animated shorts in serial form, named for him, initially “Life in Hellmudou your original idea, presented to producers, since this could lead to a breach of contract with the producer then “the Tracey Ullman Show.” An expanding possible loss of rights plaintiffs was at stake, he chose to modify the original story, created new characters, which he said were inspired by her own family, and so was born the famous drawing “The Simpsons.”

The plot of the animated series revolves makes the Simpsons family which includes 5 “loving” members and representatives of American families. This is one of the most successful parodies in the United States and circulated around the world – “The Simpsons” was the first series to be revered in over 30 different countries outside the US-as well as one of the most revered.

As the cartoon series is totally focused on the daily lives of the Simpsons family, the stories revolve around the characters typed characters – Homer Simpson’s father – who is a safety inspector at a nuclear plant, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Marge Simpson, a stay at home well typed, and the two have three children, namely Bart Simpson, a boy very rebellious 10 years, Lisa Simpson, a young girl presented so extremely prodigy from the age of 8, which besides everything plays saxophone, and Maggie, the youngest not yet learned to speak, but for all the fans around the world, consider it the most intelligent of the three.

The family is also composed of a pet dog called in the drawing as “Santa’s Helper”. There’s even a cat, whom the family called “The Snowball II” sharp satire regarding the historical characters. The characters do not age, but participate in various religious events and celebrations that are directly linked to American culture.

There are also several supporting characters that will “hinder” or assist the lives of family members of Homer, as the owner of the nuclear plant. Although the story of Simpson is an animation, it is centered sitcom style, with a clear sequence of several episodes and seasons.

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