Fairytale well known in Europe, and recorded by the Brothers Grimm, Snow White and the Huntsman¬†is an excellent choice as the theme for children’s party girl.

The young princess, to be the most beautiful of all, since enchants the kids for at least two generations. Snow White and theHuntsman¬†is the first Disney movie, which has licensed thousands of products, which range from dolls, clothes and accessories to all imaginable articles for the preparation, elaboration and decoration of children’s holiday.

The first appearance of Snow White and the Huntsman was in 1937 and since then many children and young people now want to live the fantasy of being this beautiful princess. Haunted by her stepmother, the Evil Queen, White takes refuge in the forest and, with the help of fellow dwarves going to have a quiet life. Until the Evil Queen discovers that she is still alive and plans to liquidate White herself.

One day, while the girl performs the tasks of home and awaits the return of the dwarves mine, White gets a visit from a kindly old woman who offers him an apple, which the young eventually accepts. To bite the fruit, White falls fainting. Found by the dwarfs, they think the faithful friend is marta. Until the prince, who had long sought by White, finds her in that state. He kisses her and, to everyone’s surprise, awakened from a deep sleep.

It is, therefore, a story that yields many elements to form a beautiful and glamorous children’s party. From the decor of the room, which must refer to an enchanted forest, the sweets that make up the table, cake with worms modeled in fondant, promote the happiness of the kids.

Still think the Snow White outfit for the birthday girl and the souvenirs that you can love apples to distribute to guests complete even more the beauty of the celebration. Finally, select a musical accompaniment and clips from the film, to be passed on a big screen. Mix the latter, a retrospective of the life of the birthday boy.

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