To start planning a children’s party, it is always important to keep in mind the theme that will explode, especially if the birthday party is for a girl. The parties of girls, in general, tend to demand a bit more work, since the multitude of details is often rated as equivalent to a scenario of marriage.

One of the themes that often much sought after by grandmothers, mothers, aunts, godmothers and even friends as a basis for the party girl is that of Rapunzel. The fictional story of Princess Rapunzel, was told in the first film by Disney, in the movie “Tangled”.

It is an adaptation of the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, which tells the story of a very poor couple who sees his daughter being taken by a witch, soon after his birth. When the farmer’s wife was pregnant, had the desire to eat juicy fruits hanging on a tree that was on the ground next to their humble house. It turns out that the land belonged to a wicked witch, who saw the man invade their lands for two nights in a row.

The witch surprised the man, telling him to kill his wife if the girl she was expecting, it was not given at birth. The poor man, not to see his wife being dead, has finally accepted the proposal of the witch. The little girl grows up in a high tower without windows. Until one day, a handsome prince shows up to save her, climbing the tower with the help of long hair of Rapunzel, which had never been cut.

In the history of Disney, better known by the girls of today, the original story by the Brothers Grimm was slightly adapted. Rapunzel is stolen by the witch, that creates as if the girl was his daughter. However, motivated by the desire to leave the tower, the girl who already has 18 years, ends up helping a thief, who fall in love by the end of the story.

This latest version has a huge wealth of licensed products – which range from toys to products that can help decorate any children’s party.

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