Wanting to escape the traditional themes of parties princesses more than cutesy to make kids parties to girls? But demand for the birthday girl, she still wants a princess theme? What about opt for the one who dared to escape the paradigms and their ancient traditions? Yes, the trick is to choose the theme of the beautiful and brave warrior Mulan.

Based on a traditional Chinese legend, Hua Mulan, Walt Disney Pictures in 1998 created the film “Mulan”, a film that ranks 36th. position in terms of production / children’s entertainment. The producers of the film, went to China in order to better study the legend and bring to the world one of the most beautiful and ancient cultures in human history.

The legend that is addressed by the plot of the movie, as the central character brings the brave and courageous Mulan Chinese girl who is about to be presented to a family in order to marry.

Mulan does not have much talent for housework and rituals traditionally focused on the female and when the army of Shan-Yu, the leader of the Huns invaded Imperial China, she decides to disguise herself as a man and presents the army with armor and the sword of his father. All this because Fa Mulan knew that his father was sick and already at an advanced age and would not be able to fight in the war. As a requirement of the Emperor out that one man from each family is present, and fearing that his was dishonored because the father could not fight and had no sons, Mulan, in the dead of night, escapes without leaving any track.

Throughout history, Mulan not only will fight bravely and strongly, as a warrior, as well as show all your wits and skill to the strategies of war.

A party with this theme could be for girls of all age groups as well as for girls of any ethnicity. Outfits referring to oriental motifs are ideal for the birthday girl. As a decoration that can count objects that make the presence of Chinese culture. Sweets, cake, and favors, all with motives of the character Mulan, complete the final composition of the party.

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