The animation tells the story of Mike and Sulley (Monsters) before the story if the University of Monsters, and so the following will give a hint to a party in this regard. Undoubtedly most people love the plot of this movie, and remember with longing the little girl Boo, it appears that the first drawings.

The party invitations this Monsters, Inc. is a real grace, thus calling all the monsters to attend the birthday boys. It is impossible not to be charmed with the cakes that make a good reference to the character Sulley, one that is blue and big guy and definitely fascinate all children. The flags hanging from the cake may be the entrance doors of the rooms of children, these monsters that visit during the night. Moreover we have Mike Wazowski is whiting and funny that adults love it also marks a presence in all the sticks and crackers decorated their cupcakes.

What to do to stay beautiful decor and special

Time to decorate the party everyone will remember and be inspired by the main characters in this film, among them Mike, Sulley, Boo, Randall, Celia, Henry and Roz, they all may be the attraction of the little party and use them in decoration panel the table will surely leave the incredible visual, parents can still innovate and create the environment with all the repertoires of the most successful Disney film. This party theme blends definitely with children who are aged between 1-7 in the remembering that you can abuse your creativity and all your style and explore the characters in this decoration and best of all is that the theme can be used for girls and for boys.

If a party to girls, what to do differently?

If the party is for girls, look for inspiration in the small boo, it is a grace and will leave your much more lively little party, cake is what more should excel at the party and so he should be combined with the theme, the most popular colors are light green and light blue.

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