Mario is loved by all the kids, and he is also considered as a super hero because it has super powers and must save many characters, so who does not love this amazing character? It is impossible not to remember the Mario Bros. when it comes to the video game. This has been the defining character of the 90s and currently still a big hit with all the kids in addition to teens who have fun with the game.

The game Super Mario World has crossed borders and conquered all with more than 20 million copies sold, one of the biggest hits of video games of all time the world.

Tips to make a birthday party with the Mario theme:

To you who think about making a birthday party with this theme know that is a great alternative, and will surely be a big hit among children. The character can be a great alternative for entertainment and also to decorate your birthday party. For this before we talk about decorating is important to know and identify all the characters in the story as well as all the elements that are part of the game scenarios.

The game has a number of colors, so look consider various shades of color to your décor, the colors are considered primary red, green, yellow, orange and even blue.

And even still having Mario and Luigi as main characters is very important not to forget those who may also assist in the characterization of scenarios such as green and red mushrooms, turtles, stars, the little princess, carnivorous plants, ghosts, clouds, among others.

For the head table try to put a cake in the center and decorate so that it has to do with the chosen theme.

You can still take advantage of objects in the game to put the pipes as well as candies and lollipops pop cakes.

A tower of cup cakes decorated with the full theme in a masterly way the whole party decoration.

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