This is a series of popular films among all children especially here in the USA and all of them love all the characters. If your kids are part of this class undoubtedly they will love a birthday party that is inspired by his film and still will keep good memories of this day for your entire life.

There are several themes that can be explored, we have both the little squirrel that is obsessed with his nut, Scrat, who is one of the main characters in the film. And you can still give special touches to there in your invitations putting a large walnut equal to the tied with a light or even white tie azsul movie. You can still print all the invitations on your computer using the images of the film or the characters, or just looking to buy the theme invitations specialty stores, which can be found easily.

For the decoration (Ice Age) of the environment what to do?

An interesting tip for the decoration of the room is looking print pictures that are large or necklace wall stickers that can be inspired by the movie and also in their characters, this will undoubtedly give a very fun touch to the party. In addition to the ribbons and balloons always try to think in colors of light blue and white, the colors may remember the ice and water.

In specialist shops you can buy cardboard saucers, cups that are disposable and even napkins with sketches of the characters or at least the theme colors for you to give a final touch to your home and will become an amazing environment was Ice.

To a rather amusing suggestion that you can use in your theme party is seeking to paint children’s faces. With this you can hire professionals to paint the characters from the movie in their children or even call someone you know and you can have all this talent. Look further spread several pieces of brown paper around the room for the children to make cave paintings.

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