A great favor birthday would have already become something quite traditional in kids parties and even adults yet. It is very common at the time to go get something soft so you can remember that time there special.

The craftsmanship on party favors:

This can be a great alternative, as do favors for celebrations of any age. These are just a few alternatives that can be used, so check out the following tips.

A good alternative that power will please all ages and even people who go to parties are the party favors birthday candy or mints. Pots with generals or with sweets are a great delight.

Besides being very cheap are very delicious, your guests may also use the jars to store small objects. And with that look alike choose models and seek to fill with dozinhos party or even brigadiers spoon made ​​in homes.

Their colors may vary widely according to the party theme, you can separate two tones, one for girls and other for boys, boys for example receive a blue and a pink girls. With this look deliver the souvenirs at the end of the whole celebration. If you are that person who is looking for something more unique, try to buy small toys and make a traditional bag of candy, lollipops and even other types of accessories that may be typical of children’s parties.

Mini kits for girls can be a great alternative for birthday gift

Moms can make an amazing gift without doubt all the girls and even boys will love. A good alternative is to make a fabric case with colors of bubblegum pink for girls and blue for boys.

Inside they should be filled with crayons for kids to play, and so is a souvenir that will not get thrown into a corner, everyone will use this treat every day even for a joke on a daily basis and school.

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