Whenever we think of doing a birthday party, one of the big questions that comes to mind is what kind of souvenir can use since it is the children who go to little party and it is important to think about the little gift that will have to take away.

It is important to take care as this souvenir can even leave your party very expensive, even if you opt for a simpler celebration. This is a great alternative for you to make at home your souvenirs.

Or at least it is possible to buy simple goodies and put inside the cuddly packaging, simply doing something that can match with party themes and may even please all children who are all right.

See below some tips to make party favors easy and that anyone can with a bit of flair to risk and create souvenirs.

The souvenir ideas for party-themed boy can be quite different, and yet easy to do, check out some tips below.

Vials + jelly beans or M & Ms

This is a great alternative, very easy to find anywhere, are not expensive and can be adapted to any theme. An example of this is the theme of Mickey but you can definitely inspire several other decorating ideas and as always want to understand.

More goodies for souvenirs

Muffin cups with cupcake superhero and designs, shapes also stuffed colorful candies, jelly beans can be is also a delight, the kids will love. Finally it is interesting to put even a blade closing this bag. The souvenir is a grace, and can be used for both boys and girls.

Who says you have to always be in the middle goloseimas is not true? So an alternative is to make horse heads in felt to put on broomsticks, are very easy to make and the kids will love. No need to sew just paste with fabric glue a piece on top of another leaving very beautiful look.

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