Kids love playing in the sand, is not it? And why just enjoy the summer if they have birthdays this time of year or if you live in a place that is always warmth, enjoying the sand castles, ball games and several other types of dives that will definitely make all the joy of the kids and also adults who can enjoy the sun.

USA, with its vast coastline and extensive sands is a very privileged country in this direction, and so it is interesting to take advantage of all of nature that God has provided us.

Creativity should it represents above all, and if the guests do not go to the beach right on the beach you can create the climate of the beach in your home.

There is thus the possibility of a party beyond colorful and lively, combining everything that is possible on the beach. Despite this case many people can not drive there, you can create a party with all this climate there special.

If guests are not for the beach the beach comes to them. So invest in a plaid pattern on the towel is interesting, moreover invest in a similar adhesive to the floor with water can give a real result and beyond amazing.

Create sweets and lollipops with models of the sun or of coconut and palm trees is the most inexpensive, moreover since children can not enjoy drinks, look tailor the trappings of drinks for parties of children, a small bucket which originally lead to beach can be filled with sweets and decorate the famous guard chuvinhas drinks on the beach can make all the difference in your ride.

Bottles of juice with bottle openers plastic pretend are also a cheap and most can be found in several places to sell.

Furthermore it is essential cool is not true, so dispensers juices two flavors are also a good choice for a decoration birthday beach.

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