Due to its great success they’ve even turned themes of children’s birthday party. The movie with the famous minions is amazing, different and special, a great alternative to make a good decoration birthday party of his son. Its various shades of yellow and blue appear very cheerful and still look great. And it is not just a decoration for boys, many girls will also have a party like that and will love. So check out some tips below.

How to makeĀ a good decoration (Despicable Me):

Due to its huge success is seeking to use a hint tracks and also posters, even the dolls themselves may be placed in the decoration.

A special tip is to seek to use the puppets of Minions to adorn all sweets or even a birthday cake. Also the cookies with the form of these amazing characters are a great alternative souvenir for guests.

There are several colors present in the films, but the colors that end up representing more and are more features to this party is blue and yellow. Try to use much color and also a color choice of tablecloth as well as objects in shades of blue or yellow.

Use also in the case of a decoration for girls dolls with the three girls, Gru, beyond the Minions in your decor. Enjoy plenty your creativity and look spruce always thus enhancing every detail, creativity is something beyond special moment.

Which make the purchase of these products:

In stores and magazines for parties especially in big cities in the central regions it is possible to find this decoration to buy.

Despicable Me Invitation Tips:

Invitations can be hand-drawn, and the birthday boy can even help since the minions are easy to be drawn. And in times of technology to the extreme there is nothing more fashionable than customize the invitations by hand, thus giving a special and distinctive feature exclusively for the birthday party of his son. So enjoy the tips and have fun doing your decor.

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