A very interesting design and classic 80s and 90s is one of the issues considered ideal for use in children’s parties that have between 1-3 years of age, mainly because it is something fun and light, and bring good memories and good freedoms for adults.

This television series of great success has always been one of the most beloved by all because of its warmth and loveliness offered by Care Bears are very cute, and still help people to exchange good feelings and live in a great cloud full of hearts and rainbow .

The series was actually bought by Disney gaining new seasons and even an exclusive line of items for children’s birthday party, with the items that should go from the invitation to the decor. The theme for the festival is something considered very light and colorful, and is unisex, a great alternative to birthday brothers. An interesting tip is that balloons can be printed in various colors and you can choose a blue or pink in some items like forks and also paper Rococo bullet, kids love it.

Another interesting tip is to look for the party to turn the hall into a large cloud Care Bears, making use fabrics that are clear on TNT and crepe papers for all possible spaces, and even balloons in shapes of stars, hearts, etc. are also welcome. Attempt to distribute some props for children’s party like tiaras with little antennas, glasses and even birthday hats to make the experience even more fun.

For the birthday table seeks to create a great cloud, and put some of the characters in front of her making the rainbow that make your belly, so you can create a different and fun theme.

The cake can also be in the pink cloud format or you can also use a cake that is false, this can be found in stores even for rent. Use and abuse of creativity, it is the big key to the success of all his creation.

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