A birthday party with the theme Batman is undoubtedly the most requested among boys, after all they all have surely dreamed of being a superhero.

The Batman is a vigilante of the great comics and considered one of the most famous heroes of the world.

So know then what way may miss the birthday party Batman

The invitation

The invitation is undoubtedly the first contact with the guests should have their party, so the invitation is considered the first contact guests have with the party, so do not measure efforts to do a flashy type of art or even personalized.

Among the tips to innovate is interesting to make a call in bat format, and create a comic about it, or even put a picture of the birthday girl costumed vigilante character.

If you do not count on too long, or even a good creativity or skill to develop this theme, there are several companies that can make all the stationery of your event, in some cases some can be tailored.

The values ​​are quite affordable and you need not worry at all. Among the main gear that must be met are the invitations as wrappers, cupcake toppers for, thank you tags, labels for beverage, adhesives, among various other objects used for decoration.

The party decor

All parties whose theme Batman are usually made with palettes that are inspired by the character’s clothes, with black, yellow and even blue. Some red accents are also welcome, and already referring to the speech balloons and even effects in the comics.

The point of entry is the visibility of the party, so it’s interesting to make good arrangements of balloons and still make an impact and attract guests into your party. Look like the same color set to maintain a good visual identity of the event.

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